Goose Automotive offers one of the best auto repair shop warranties in the auto repair industry: 3 Year/36,000 mile warranty against defects and failure, that covers all parts and labor purchased and performed at Goose Automotive in San Antonio, TX. The warranty on the parts might be even longer in some cases, depending on the manufacturer's coverage.

At Goose Automotive, our goal is to be the best auto repair shop in San Antonio, TX, as well as the best auto repair experience for each of our customers!


Yes, we are working with most aftermarket warranty companies.


When you are dealing with a warranty company, the common steps you take are:



  – Give them a call in order to file a claim and receive an approval.


  – They'll get in touch with you to inform you of the results of the conversation you had with them and if there's any price difference, they'll give you a quote. They'll also tell you if any delays are expected, for instance, if the warranty company is planning on sending out an inspector to verify everything you told them during the initial conversation.

  – Finish the authorized work.

  – Send the invoice for the completed work on your vehicle to the warranty company for payment.

  – Keep in mind that some warranty companies have a cap on labor rate, which means that they do not pay for testing procedures performed in order to troubleshoot the problems. The majority of companies do not pay for shop supplies or fluids needed to complete the work. That's why you should carefully review your contract for further details.


After our invoice has been paid in full, then we would release a vehicle. If your warranty company provides you with the option to reimburse you directly after you pay the full invoice, you can choose that option. Again, you need to check your contract with them.