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Timing Belt and Water Pump Service

Your vehicle’s timing belt and water pump are vital components of your vehicle that allow your engine to run smoothly and properly. A broken timing belt may cause complete engine failure and or may cause extensive engine damage that would require lengthy and expensive repairs. A broken or leaking water pump will prevent the cooling system from keeping your vehicle’s engine at the correct temperature, which may lead to your vehicle’s engine overheating.

Timing Belt and Water Pump Service | Goose Automotive

In many vehicles, the water pump is driven by the timing belt, and it is usually recommended that your water pump is replaced along with a timing belt replacement. Other key components like tensioners or idler rollers can fail too. That’s why it is important to have your timing belt inspected regularly and to have your timing belt replaced as soon as it begins to dry out or crack. At Goose Automotive in San Antonio, TX, our ASE certified technicians are experienced and specially trained to replace timing belts, timing belt components and water pumps on all makes and models of vehicles.

Your vehicle’s timing belt is essentially what keeps your vehicle’s engine running. Belts can often snap or break and naturally wear over time with normal use. We recommend that your vehicle’s belts are inspected at least once a year.

The following symptoms can indicate a problem with a belt in your vehicle:

  • Engine failure
  • Grinding noises while driving
  • Lack of power
  • Vibrating while driving
  • Vehicle “slipping”

A properly working water pump is important to keep your vehicle running in top condition and to prevent irreversible damage to your engine. Your vehicle’s water pump is part of the cooling system and is what keeps your engine from overheating by circulating coolant through the engine to the radiator. When your vehicle’s engine overheats, internal parts can warp and expand, which can compromise the performance of your engine.

When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a timing belt replacement kit, often times we will replace your water pump as a precautionary measure to keep your engine’s system working smoothly.

At Goose Automotive, we are a locally owned and operated San Antonio auto repair shop dedicated to providing excellent customer service and honest repairs. We offer an unmatched 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on most of our repairs and services. If you’re having a major repair performed at our shop, we offer both loaner vehicles and a free local shuttle. Our shop also has a comfortable waiting area with Wi-Fi for your convenience.

If your vehicle needs a timing belt and water pump replacement, bring your vehicle into the experts at Goose Automotive. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

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