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Brake Repair and Services

Are you driving around San Antonio with bad brakes?

Brake Repair and Services | Goose Automotive

Are your brakes making squeaking, high pitch sounds? Or does your car shake when you put your foot on the brakes? Do you feel like you have to press really far down in order for your brakes to work?

As you know, bad brakes can be a huge problem! That’s why it’s so important to have them checked regularly. 

The tell-tale squealing or high-pitched screech that comes when you apply pressure to your brakes is the sound of the metal shim giving you a noticeable warning that you need new brake pads. This metal shim is called the indicator and is incredibly useful.

If you can hear this sound, it’s important to pay attention to it. Let Goose be your wingman - if you’re experiencing issue with your brakes, give the friendly staff at Goose Automotive a call to schedule your stress free appointment. When we receive your vehicle, we will run a full 32-point diagnostic test and an in-depth brake test to determine exactly what your vehicle needs. 

Brake Fluid and Lining Repair

These two issues are more common than most drivers know. If your brakes are becoming less responsive, it might be a leak in the brake fluid system. The first sign of this is the feeling that your pedal is “sinking” before the pressure is applied to the brakes. 

Another common issue is brake lining wearing down. Brake linings usually wear unevenly, which causes the car to pull to one side when you’re braking. This can confuse people as many think it’s an alignment issue. But in reality, you may need a brake adjustment or need the brake fluid replaced. 

When you come to our shop which is right off the freeway, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken well care of. All of our work is backed by our 3 year / 36K mile warranty, so you never have to fear getting ripped off!

Schedule Your Brake Service

We know that there’s really never a “good time” for your brakes to need repair. It’s almost always pretty inconvenient. 

But at Goose Automotive in San Antonio, we care deeply about our customers and truly want to serve them. To help ease the inconvenience of auto repair, we offer services that most repair shops don’t. We offer services like:

  • We’ll pick up your car from work or home and bring it to our repair facility for free.
  • We’ll return your vehicle back to you anywhere in the San Antonio area, completely free of charge.
  • We can drive you to work or home after you drop off your car so you never need to worry about arranging rides.
  • Same-as-cash financing options
  • 36 months / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty

Brakes are too important to ignore. Our ASE certified and manufacturer certified technicians are some of the best in the entire state of Texas and are here to take care of you and your vehicle's’ needs. Schedule an appointment online by phone or online. 

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