Who to Call in a Car Emergency

If you're a daily driver, you've probably come close to an accident or emergency at least once. Whether it's from another driver's bad driving choice or you became distracted on the road, it's no secret that near-accidents happen all of the time. 

While often times the accident is just a "what-if", you never know when you may be faced with an actual emergency. When it does happen, being prepared and understanding what to do next is the best way to handle the issue. 

If you do find yourself in an accident or emergency, here are some helpful tips on who to call: 

  • If you're in a solo accident, such as a hitting a curb or tree, and you are not hurt and there is not much damage to your vehicle - call a loved one and a towing truck if your car is not driveable. 
  • If you're ever in an accident where someone involved is hurt, even yourself, call the police and an ambulance immediately. 
  • When you get into a car accident with another drive and no one is physically hurt, call the police and exchange information with the other driver. Don't forget to take photos of any damage for your insurance company claims. 
  • If you're in an emergency, such as your car has broken down on the side of the road, call either a loved one to assist you, or call for emergency roadside assistance.

Whenever you find yourself in a vehicle emergency, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Breathe and think clearly to figure out the best solution.

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