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What Causes a Car To Overheat?

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It's a warm summer, and you are excited to take a long drive after a cold, dull winter. Then excess heat in the vehicle makes the drive unbearable. Such scenarios are everyday experiences for many drivers whose car overheats, and they are left to endure a very rough and uncomfortable ride. We are here to ensure you avoid such experiences. What makes your car to overheat?

Cooling System Leaks

Leaks in the cooling system trigger a vehicle to overheat, and if ignored, it might culminate in a costly repair. Leaks might be in the hoses, radiator, water pump, heater core, thermostat housing, freeze plugs, among other components in the cooling system. Any leaks should be dressed with urgency through certified mechanics' intervention to prevent further troubles with the cooling and heating system.

A Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat controls the amount of coolant allowed in the engine. If it is cool, the thermostat closes the entry to prevent additional coolant from entering the engine. Alternatively, if it's hot, the thermostat opens the chamber allowing more coolant I the engine. If the thermostat is faulty, it interferes with the cooling and heating, making the car overheat.

Low Oil Level

Engine oil prevents the build-up of excess heat and thus helps in colling down the vehicle. The fuel eliminates approximately 75 to 80 % of unused heat in the engine. Additionally, it keeps parts well lubricated, reducing friction and heating of the vehicle. Although low oil levels could indicate other car troubles, you can try topping up your engine oil to the appropriate levels and observe the heating troubles' outcomes.

Failure in the Electric Cooling Fan

An electric cooling fan that fails to turn on might lead to car overheating. The fan motor might burn out and prevents the proper functioning of the fan, which causes overheating. Expert mechanics can repair it to restore the functionality of the cooling fan and solve the overheating troubles.

Continued driving through car overheating troubles can have detrimental effects on the vehicle. It may culminate into serious engine troubles, including locking up the engine. Our auto repair shop is always open. Our certified mechanics will fix all overheating troubles to get your vehicle back on the road conveniently.

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