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What Can Wear Down Tires Prematurely?

Close-up of a finger pointing at cracks and wear on tire treads

Most drivers ignore the importance of regular car tire checks for wear. We assume that what matters to our tires is simply the pressure. Tire tread maintenance is a great determinant of the lifespan of your car tires. Treads wear out for different reasons. The wear impacts negatively on the functionality of your vehicle, including reduced mileage.

Although it is common for tires to wear and tear over time, sometimes this happens way too early. Below are a few of the reasons why your tires may wear prematurely thus not serve you long enough as expected:

Driving patterns

Our driving habits affect the lifespan of our tires. Some drivers are too rough on the road with certain driving maneuvers that impact the tires' longevity. These trends include; spinning tires, hard breaking, speeding, and fast accelerations.

Misaligned tires

A well-aligned axle reduces premature wear. Proper alignment ensures the wheels are well set mechanically, and they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Failing to maintain proper wheel alignment causes premature tire wear.

Improper Inflation Pressure

Improper inflation of the tires causes tear and wear. Vehicle manufacturers set the appropriate inflation levels to the rear and front tires. Observing the levels maintains a smooth ride by optimizing vehicle load distribution acceleration and braking. Going against the recommendation may cause tire treads to wear prematurely.

Mismatched tires

Having mismatched tires causes premature tire wear. Such can happen when you use tires from different manufacturers or pair new tires with old tires. The mismatch causes variations in air pressure triggering irregular tire tears and untimely tire changes.

Worn out shock absorbers

Worn-out shock absorbers might cause premature tire wear. They reduce the ability to maintain a firm tire-to-road grip which helps in controlling the excessive suspension movement. The shocks further negatively impact the vehicle alignment, causing tire troubles, including premature tear and reduced traction.

Maintaining regular checks on the tires ensures that they function to their optimal potential. Regular checkups further guarantee longevity as an important and expensive investment to the vehicle. Bring your car today to our auto repair shops for all repairs and replacements.

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