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Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Repair mechanic with a truck under repair at the background

Whether you have a newer or older model vehicle, your car will require a tune-up. It's important to make a tune-up a part of your scheduled vehicle maintenance. Here's more about tune-ups and the symptoms that will help you determine if you need one.

Difficulty Starting the Car

Experiencing difficulty starting your car can be a result of different instances, including a problem with the fuel pump or a weak battery, but it can also mean there is a problem with the ignition. A tune-up can help with these problems, but you need a professional mechanic to determine the best course of action.


If your car stalls occasionally or frequently, spark plugs and dirty connectors can be the culprit. You're experiencing stalling because fuel is not igniting properly. Make a note of what's going on when the car stalls, such as the type of weather or when you turn on your air conditioner. Write down this information and let your mechanic know.

Rough Idling or Acceleration

If you notice strange sounds, such as knocking, while you're driving up a hill or accelerating, this can be an indication of engine inefficiency or other problems. A tune-up can correct these problems, but it's best to let your mechanic determine the best solution to repair your vehicle.

Inefficient Gas Mileage

Decreased fuel efficiency is an indication your fuel is not burning as it should, which can be caused by dirty or faulty spark plugs. There could also be an issue with your fuel injector. Getting a tune-up can improve your vehicle's performance and efficiency.

The Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance ensures your car remains in proper working order and helps prevent expensive repairs. Scheduled vehicle maintenance also improves the safety and longevity of your car. Heavy vehicle wear can cause your car to break down often, so it's best to contact a mechanic to help you provide the proper care for your car.

When your car is with us, you're in good hands. If your car needs a tune-up or other vehicle maintenance, bring your car by our shop today. We're always glad to help.

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