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My Car Doesn't Move When I Step on the Gas Pedal - What is Wrong?

If you car doesn't move when you step on the gas pedal, this is usually an indication of a fuel system issue. However, it can also be an indication of engine problems or a stuck emergency brake. Typically before acceleration failure, you may find that your vehicle's engine runs rough or frequently stalls. As soon as you notice an engine problem like this, it is vital to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. 

When you get your vehicle into our shop, we will inspect and diagnose your vehicle. We will look at the following issues: 

  • Is your vehicle's emergency brake engaged or stuck? Often times this can cause problems with acceleration and may need to be released by a mechanic. 
  • Is there an engine management system issue? This just means that there is a problem with the gas and air intake ratio, which can be due to a faulty sensor. 
  • Is the check engine light on? If so, our experts can run computer diagnostics to understand where the problem is stemming from. 
  • Is the fuel pump failing? The fuel pump is needed to to move fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, and a failing fuel pump can cause low fuel pressure. This causes problems with acceleration and stalling. 

The best way to understand what is happening when your vehicle won't accelerate when you step on the gas pedal is to bring your car into Goose Automotive for a thorough evaluation. We will determine the proper cause of the problem and find the right solution for you. Stop by our shop or give us a call today when you need San Antonio TX engine repair. 

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