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The Importance of Fall Car Care

Close-up of a car's wheel driving by brown leaves during autumn

It's officially the fall season, which means that the weather will soon be making drastic changes as we roll into winter. The next few months will most likely bring wet conditions and shorter days, and making sure your vehicle is ready for the changes will keep you safe on the road. 

The summer can be brutal - it takes a toll on our cars even if we don't realize it. The warmer temperatures can wear down fluids and put extra wear and tear on certain parts. This is why fall car care is important and will ensure that your vehicle remains reliable throughout the new season. 

So, what is important when it comes to fall car care? Let's look at some of the services that should be top priorities this month. 


The fall season typically means wetter conditions and more rain. Because of the weather changes, it is so important to have your tires inspected. They should be in good condition and have proper tread to be able to handle well on wet streets. Also, they should be filled up to the proper PSI to prevent tire blowouts and uneven tire wear. 


Since the heat can affect your fluids, having them topped off and inspected at the beginning of fall will protect your vehicle's vital systems throughout the season. Many different vehicle systems run on important fluids and ensuring that they are properly filled and cleaned it critical to their function. If a specific fluid is very low, a leak may be present which can lead to problems over time. 

Windshield Wipers

Rain can strike at any time during the fall, so having working windshield wipers is important when it comes to your ability to see the road clearly. Wipers that are streaky, skipping, or appear to be dry or fraying should be replaced. It is typically recommended that wipers are replaced every 6 months, and after the summer it a great time since the heat tends to wear them out. 


The fall means darker and shorter days, so having properly working exterior lights is critical to your safety. Make sure that your headlights, blinkers, and brake lights are work at their best and that no lights are cloudy or dim. 

Heater and Defroster

With the chillier weather, you may want to make sure that your heater and defroster work properly. You'll definitely need your defroster on a cold morning to see clearly and you'll rely on your heat for comfort on cold days. Plus, a heater issue can mean problems for the engine, so get your vehicle into our shop if you notice any problems with the heating system. 

These are just some of the top maintenance items to take care of for the fall season. If it's time for your fall vehicle inspection, we invite you in to Goose Automotive today! 

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